Give it time and Baccarat will grow on you!

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To begin with, in Baccarat, only one player and the bank are competing against each other, despite the fact that there can be any number of players betting on the outcome of the hand, the spectators have the choice of betting either on the dealer or the house.

In Baccarat, spectators can place their bets on any one of three outcomes- the bank winning, the player winning or there being a tie, a result that can come up fairly often.

The reason why is that in baccarat, the total value of the hand, can only be determined by accumulated values of the cards dealt.   A player who has been dealt a four and a three and draws a ten, will remain with a hand to the value of seven, while if a player is holding a four and a three and draws a five, will be left with a hand to the value of two. The ideal situation is when a player is holding a four and a three and draws a two e, and then they will have improved their hand to a level that it will be unbeatable.

Both the player and the bank can choose to stand or draw after the first two cards have been dealt, as long as the dealer has more than a hand value of six. The bank only draws their third card after the dealer has completed their hand, bearing in mind that they cannot be burst. The bank is obliged to draw a card if they are sitting on a hand to the value of less than two no matter the value of the other player’s hand.    The player with the highest hand always wins.   If both parties are holding the same value of cards, then a tie is declared, with the bank having no advantage.  The odds on a tie are that much higher, and that’s the reason why some land casinos pay generous odds on a tie, depending on the value of hand the players tie on and how many packs of cards are in play.

Online Baccarat is different with only one pack in play in each hand, making the chance of a tie that much higher, and with odds reaching as high as 14-1.  These kind of odds means that players can take out reasonable insurance bets against losing, as well as enjoying all of the other advantages that playing online will bring.

Playing Baccarat online will  grow on you, and if you want to know why the game has lasted so long among the all time casino favorites, why  not visit one of our recommended casinos?