3 Simple Tips to win in Online Baccarat

In the original Casino Royale, James Bond was a fantastic and fanatical Baccarat player, and although this was updated in the later version, you too could follow in the footsteps of Ian Fleming’s greatest creation by becoming a hot baccarat player.

Following these three simple tips will help you place more successful online Baccarat bets more often and hopefully lead you to winning more than you lose.

  1. Don’t bet on the tie

The 8/1 odds may be attractive for a bet on the tie and logically your mind will be assuming that there should be a decent chance of there being a tie in each hand, but in truth, the chances of a tie and generally small and the 8/1 odds do not compensate you enough for that. Betting on the tie is a quick way to busting out playing Baccarat.

The house edge on a tie bet is a huge 14.36%, which compares very unfavourably with a house edge on a banker bet of just 1.06% and 1.24% for a player bet.

  1. Bet on the Banker More Often

A statistical analysis of the game reveals that there is around a 45.8% chance of the banker winning each hand, a 44.6% chance of the player winning each hand and a 9.5% chance of there being a tie in each hand.

What this means is that over time, if you bet on the banker, even though the casino generally pays out at odds of just under even money, that offers you a better rate and better chance of long term success than betting on the player and especially the tie.

  1. Only bet what you can afford to lose

As in any online game where you play for money, bankroll management is key. Don’t start betting more on each hand of baccarat than you can afford to comfortably lose. Keep a tight rein on your bets and remember to play the long game. Betting on the banker is your best option, so use it often and bet at a level where you can maintain a decent involvement in the game for a lengthy period.

Find you inner Bond and start playing online baccarat ;-)

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