Playing Baccarat Online

If you want to play a game based solely on chance, with no need for card shark skills or a great memory, simply throw caution to the wind and try your luck at online baccarat. This game is thought to have originated in France in its earliest conception, but has made it into online casinos, usually in the high roller rooms since it often requires a steeper initial deposit. There are only three possible outcomes of the game, one in your favour, the other in favour of the dealer, and the last a tie, many players like to go all or nothing on this game and play the odds.

Baccarat online can be found on websites from all over the world. The majority are in the US, UK, Australia, France, Sweden, Macau and Finland. You can sign up with proof of age and a bank account. Just like in casinos around the world, Baccarat games are usually seen as the ‘James Bond’ kind of high-stakes games. Instead of being separated from the main casino gaming floor as in land-based casinos, Baccarat is often played in another virtual room where stakes can be anywhere from $30 to $500 just to play one round. Seasoned players swear that though odds are relatively stacked against the player, and in favour of the house. If you bet on the last seven to twenty cards, you are more likely to win. You can also find Super 6 and Punto variations of the game in many Microgaming casinos, as well as Chemin de Fer, translated as the way of the iron from France. In 1891 there was a huge Baccarat scandal called the Tranby Croft affair, but online casinos promise to be fairer.