Are there any effective Baccarat strategies?

The short answer to this question is that, yes there are two effective Baccarat strategies, one is highly effective and the other has a small long-term effect that will see you likely to win more money than you would operating at random or by adopting another strategy.

However, what must be understood is that by its very nature, there is no complex, statistically proven strategy for winning at baccarat considerably more often.

This is because it is, at heart, an entirely random game. On any given hand the player may win, the banker may win or, occasionally, it may be a tie. Punters have to place their bets before they see any of the cards dealt to the players so it is in effect, a blind bet, in the same way predicting heads or tails is a blind bet.

However, the betting system employed and how the cards are drawn in the game lead us to develop two key strategic elements which can help you win more often, if only slightly more often.

  • Firstly, never bet on the tie

The tie bet offers a huge house edge over backing the player or banker and as such should always be avoided. The odds may look tempting, but as a long term profitable strategy, betting on the tie is about the worst decision you can make in baccarat.

  • Secondly, bet on the banker most often

Although it may seem that it is almost 50/50 between the player and banker in terms of likelihood of success, there is a slight statistical edge for the banker due to the rules of the game. Although this advantage is very small (making baccarat one of the lowest house edge games you can play) over time it can prove to be significant.

As such, the second effective strategy is to bet on the banker more often than the player. Indeed some strategists argue that for long term success, you should always bet on the banker.

These two simple rules are the essence of a simple, but effective baccarat strategy.