Baccarat Terminology

When playing baccarat, or any other casino game for that matter, you need to know the rules and strategies before you start. In addition, you also need to be aware of the different terms associated with baccarat so that you don’t get confused when the game is underway. Here is an overview of some basic baccarat terminology you need to keep in mind:


Starting off with the name of the game, baccarat simply means ‘a sum of zero’. The definition applies in the context of the game. It simply signifies that the hand a player has received works out to zero in total. Baccarat, thus, is the lowest hand a player can have in the game.

Casino Edge

The term ‘casino edge’ signifies the odds. The edge shows the advantage the house has over the players. That being said, baccarat is considered to be a casino game with a low house advantage. Therefore, the players have a better chance of winning at baccarat as compared to other games.


A hand refers to the cards dealt to a player in each round.


The player places a bet predicting that the dealer and player will have the same value on their hands.


The term ‘stand’ can be used in two instances:

  1. The player wants to drop the cards and leave the game.
  2. The player decides not to pick additional cards up during a round.

Go Bank

The player places a bet that matches, exactly, the bet that has been placed by the dealer in terms of value.


A draw is when a card is added to a player’s or the dealer’s hand.


Coup simply means a round of baccarat.


Carte is used when a player asks for an additional card.


Last, but not the least, the dealer is usually the banker. The banker plays once the players have placed their bets. These are some common baccarat terms you should keep in mind.

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