Baccarat: How the luck affects the player

Baccarat is one of the fastest growing games on casino floors. Because of the relatively low house edge and the high wagers that may be found on some of the tables, players and casinos alike have developed this game into something otherworldly. There are superstitions and myths surrounding the game and casinos are no longer dismissing these concerns as merely superstitious fodder.

One of the most noticeable superstitions concerning the game of baccarat concerns the number 4. In some Asian cultures, the number is similar to the word ‘death’. Just as most modern buildings will omit the number 13 when naming their floors, the number 4 is purposely left off the layout due to its unlucky designation among a group of gamblers who historically, beet heavily on baccarat games. Another superstition is tracking the shoe.

Tracking the shoe is when a player tracks the previous cards, taking note of which side won the hand and sometimes making side notes on the hands. There are various methods to do this and each player will swear that their method is the best. It matters not how you go about it, what matters is that the casino believes in this just as much as the players. They shall provided gamblers with scorecards and pens so they may keep track of the hands. In more modern facilities, electronic scoreboards keep track of the hands for players.

Luck is the only thing that affects baccarat play. The key to harvesting your luck is being consistent when you play. If you double your bet after a certain hand, always do so. If you bet a certain pattern, always do so. Being a lucky player is a state of mind: stay consistent in your betting and you shall increase your chances of winning over time.

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