Midi and Mini Punto Banco Baccarat

Over the last couple of decades, Baccarat has gained the reputation of being a serious game for high rollers. If you notice a group of impeccably dressed gamblers sitting around an oval Craps-sized table, it is highly likely that you are looking at a game of Baccarat.

With high stakes and high tension, sometimes the pacing at these big Baccarat tables can be very slow. Luckily, most casinos offer Baccarat variations that are faster and have lower table minimums – something many recreational players will appreciate!

Mini Punto Banco Baccarat, or just Mini Baccarat, is a variant played at smaller tables. The key rules of the game are identical to the standard Baccarat, with one main difference: in Mini Baccarat, only the croupier handles the cards, turning them over as he deals them. This results in a fast-paced game that takes away some of the drama of the big Baccarat, but compensates with its improved dynamics. The origins of Mini Baccarat own a lot to practical reasons: the need for this variant arose in land-based casinos that lacked space.

Mini Baccarat tables typically have lower table limits.

Midi Punto Banco Baccarat is, as its name says, a variation played at a table bigger than the Mini Baccarat one and smaller than the regular one. The game mechanics are essentially the same as in Mini Baccarat: the croupier deals the cards, speeding up the game. However, while Mini Baccarat is commonly located among casino games with lower stakes, Midi Baccarat can also be found in high-limit rooms. Since table minimums and maximums are higher in Midi Baccarat, this variant is a practical stepping stone for those players who want to move from playing Mini Baccarat to regular Baccarat.

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